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(Please Read) When buying imports you agree with the EBM Terms and Conditions on this site.
Understanding Import Paper Cutting and Binding Machinery

Many sales companies and manufacturers in the US sell machinery manufactured in China and North Korea.
Examples would be Graphic Wizard, Duplo USA, TAmerica, Formax, Challenge Machinery, Elite Business Machines, Spiel Associates, Coverbind, Spiral Binding, and so on.
Almost everybody!

Some of these companies have machines made to their specifications or change the cabinetry so they look different. Others just slap their label on it and call it theirs.

The Asians don't care!
Even with contracts, almost everybody can buy direct from them at a dirt-low cost and bypass the US company.
But are you getting the same product?

Competition, Copycats, and Lookalikes

Most paper cutters and binding machines coming out of Asia have more than 5 lookalike or copycat manufacturers. The machines look exactly alike even matching colors but internal components are different depending on where the manufacturer is located and what is available for assembly in that manufacturing area.

Safety is not their top priority
The Asian companies know the human population will risk safety to save 10 dollars and it is all about the cheapest or lowest purchase cost. With the buyer's lowest price being the largest selling factor, the machines are manufactured based on this. Why should safety be important to them when the lowest buying price takes top priority over everything else? We as the buyer set the standard.
Manufacturing Success
Selling success is based on using the least expensive components to make the most profit against their other Chinese competition. They learned from the West that it is all about profits and selling the most machines to dominate the market against their competitors is their number one goal.
Brand Recognition
Brand recognition or name recognition is of no importance. If you never buy their product again there are 7 billion people and being the lowest cost purchase price their product sales will never slow down.
Import Items, Delivery, and Warehousing
Because of port and warehouse issues, import items may be delayed in delivery. Many times there is a backup issue at the ports for unloading containers. We have seen a great deal of this in the past 2 years. The items may show logged into inventory but have not yet been delivered to the warehouse. Many times inventory is off at the warehouses just like looking for an item at a commercial store in the US. Stores that show items in inventory but no one can find them. In this case, we will try our best to find the same item at another warehouse or a comparable item for your acceptance and to complete an order.
Most warranties for Chinese items are covered by the manufacturer unless otherwise stated in the EBM advertisement.
EBM LLC does not follow or agree with the import products warranty for any services rendered.
Any promises of services listed in the import manuals are completely upon the manufacturer of that product.
You may request the importer to contract with EBM for services or you may do so as the buyer.
EBM accepts no liability for any of the import items that it does not brand as its own.

If you want the warranty on these products to be covered you must file your warranty!
There are warranty cards in the manuals that will refer you to ad the seller's or distributor's name.

This filing allows the manufacturer to confirm your purchase date to support the warranty coverage for parts only.
These must be completed and returned to the seller or distributor within 30 days so they may forward them to the manufacturer.
Neglecting to perform this within a 30-day period from receiving your order will void any warranties implied.
Warranty cards are accepted by mail, fax, or email so do not delay.

Who we are and where we fit in the marketplace

Safety First and a Warning
We put safety first and pricing second. We can not hide behind the Great Wall of China. Every machine we sell as an import is spot tested for safety and safety backups as much as possible. Direct warehouse distribution comes in crated and leaves the warehouse crated most of the time directly to the buyer. It is not checked very often as we do not have access to the machinery before it is delivered. Unless you have been buying machines that are Chinese-made as an expert it is best if you purchase with care. Beating the best deal to give up an extra dinner may end your business or lose you a finger or two. This is not a threat but a warning. Even though we, partner with Asian manufacturers in selling their products we do not stand as a guarantee for their liability or safety as all Asian manufacturers are known to change manufacturing from time to time and do not include us in their movements. Don't let anybody fool you when they tell you it is not a get-what-you-pay-for world. It most certainly is.
Witness to Dangers

We have been a key witness to multiple dangerous machines coming out of Asia. Our safety inspection team has listed multiple manufacturers that sell products that operate great and when a sensor or safety switch fails the machines become very dangerous with continuous cutting and not stopping and showing a safety failure. Sometimes perfect binders even catch on fire. We are one of the only import sellers that spot inspects the machines from the manufacturers we deal with and have rejected many for safety reasons. We are the only US company that maintains a full inventory of the most commonly required machine parts needed for what we sell. We also manufacture blades direct from the steel foundry for the highest quality blades available. Even though we spot-check the machines we sell we do not hold or accept any liability or responsibility for their safety or performance. Any issues with safety and reliability fall directly on the Asian manufacturer.