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BCCS 12 Letter Format Card Cutter Bind Design CWF+ 19 Wide Format Business Card Cutter Bind Design SCWF+ 13 x 39 Wide Format Slitter Cutter
EBM BCCS 9"x12" Card Cutter, Quickly create your own custom business cards at a low cost with this EBM Business Card Cutter Slitter. This machine cuts and slits cards from a 9 x 12 and smaller sheet based on programmed sizes. Yes of course It also cuts standard 3.5" x 2" business cards, along with additional programmed presets. And it can cut them from up to 130lb/350gsm cardstock. This Cutter has an easy-to-use metric spacing control panel with LCD display, and simple one-pass operation that allows you to create over 35 quality business cards per minute. Create professional business cards quickly and easily with EBM Electric Business Card Slitter.

Bind Design TM CWF+ 13"x19" Card Cutter,
At 500 cards in less than 6 minutes you can q
uickly create your own custom business cards or tickets at a low cost with this Wide Format Business Card Cutter Slitter.

Bind Design TM SCWF+ 13"x 39" Slitter - Cutter
The most versatile slitting cutting machine at a truly affordable price.

At approximately 150 Sheets per minute this fully adjustable slitter cutter can handle the jobs. Comes with 6 adjustable slitter blades for cutting cards or favorite stock sizes. Cutting and slitting all kinds of business cards, photos, tags, postcards, wedding cards, Christmas cards, ticket books etc. Use with Chrome paper, coated paper, laminated paper, and various card stocks up to 400gsm. Top feed 3.5" stack