Elite Business Machines LLC.
Your Finishing Solutions Equipment Provider for the Document Industry

Elite Business Machines LLC (EBM) is a leading manufacturer with over 3 decades of experience.
Opening our first manufacturing facility in 1984 serving the printing industry with the introduction of our 3 knife trimmer.
We expanded by analyzing processes and equipment to assist our customers in maximizing their output.
Next partnering with our customers to implement equipment modifications.

Over the next few years, we continued to modify and improve our designs.

In fact, our designs were sought after and eventually purchased by one of the biggest names in the business.
During this time, we were commissioned to modify and custom manufacture machines for various companies.
Including a part picking machine for Parker Brothers for production of the game, Monopoly™.

In 2010, we donned a new name and shifted our focus to smaller paper cutting and document and bookbinding devices.

In the production of our office-friendly paper cutters and bookbinders, supporting as many local businesses as possible.
We scour the area for local craftsmen, who pride themselves on the quality of their work, to contribute to the quality of ours.

Utilizing knowledge of and experience with high end, industrial equipment, Elite Business Machines (EBM) strives to provide machines for a variety of environments and varying levels of project volume.
Whatever your needs are, EBM has a machine to fit them.
If you aren't sure what you need, give us a call (1-804-998-7338) and we will be happy to help you decide!

At EBM, we are so deeply committed to optimal production for our customers.

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